Ever wanted to get involved in real estate remodel Fix and flips but lack the knowledge, backing or construction capabilities?

What if there was a way to invest in multiple flips across the UsA for as little as $10 with an above average return as a micro investor without getting your hands dirty?

Our promise to always look for unique ways to help our clients led us to find a way for you to do just that!
My Mortgage Trainer Is Proud to IntroducE:
Closing the gap between Real Estate Investor and Borrower using crowdfunding innovation as a direct lender.
  • Invest in Multiple Flips while easily spreading your risk
  • ​You choose the projects
  • ​Earn an average of 10%+/- on your investment
  • ​Open to anyone
  • ​Investment Tracking and Project Tracking are simple
  • ​All loans are backed by the underlying real estate

Hear from an investor on how easy it is to work with Groundfloor

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