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Adversity and Attitude
Written by Aaron M Wilson on May 14, 2020

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I wanted to talk about something that we all may struggle with at times – adversity!

You have probably heard the story about the fly on the window seal or at the very least witnessed this first hand. Attempt after attempt is made to fly through the closed window instead of taking the alternative route. The fate of that fly is ultimately – death. Why, when all he had to do is find an alternative rout back to freedom and prosperity?

Many people, me included are constantly challenged and some respond in the appropriate manner and others don’t. Its times like these when investing in yourself is very important. People who don’t take the time to work on themselves can end up with a real lack of enthusiasm or poor morale which somehow becomes an excuse to throw at the company or the market. Here me on this! Your attitude is yours – you own it!

If you aren’t focused, happy, feeling good, enthused, invigorated, pumped, motivated, ready to make money and downright passionate about dealing with whatever life may throw at you then how can you blame someone or something else?

Again, its yours – you own it so do something about it! Your growth personally and professionally, your bank account, and your pipeline aren’t going to respond to you if you aren’t giving them the attention they need. It reminds me of a bumper sticker I once saw that read – Ignore your teeth and they will go away – fitting huh?

If you are struggling right now, maybe you need to stop ignoring your attitude and do something about it. You have a choice to act, feel or be anything you choose to be and you can start today to give your best effort or you can choose to just get by. Your enthusiasm, your attitude, your personal effectiveness, your income, your ability to rise above challenges in your life are your choice – I want to encourage you to choose wisely!

As always, I and my team at My mortgage Trainer are here for you. If you are in need of an alternative route, feel free to connect because we want to be more than just your education provider, we want to be a trusted resource to all of our clients.
Take care my friends!

Long Term Thinking is Key to Continued Success

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Written by Aaron M Wilson on April 15, 2020
I have a question for you:
How’s it going?  

According to an old sales manager of mine, I was to always respond with “Unbelievable!” He said that way the pressure was always on the other person to decide what that means. In most cases the assumption is ‘wow, things must be going great for you’ even when things are not. So, let me ask you again…. How’s it going?

My next Question: What opportunities are you focused on right now? 

Notice I said “opportunities” not challenges or problems. If you want to keep yourself on track, learn to look at situations – whether good or bad – as opportunities and transforming your mind to always think positive will become easier!

With that being said, today I want to talk about a very important subject, maintaining meaningful contact with past clients. I am not sure why but this seems to be an extremely difficult process for most, but sadly many salespeople completely lose touch with past clients.  

What’s crazy is, when an opportunity arises to contact them again because you all of a sudden have a new product or its time for them to consider refinancing because you can save them money on their current loan, they have already done business with someone else. 

It amazes me how many people are surprised by this because they remembered a transaction that went smoothly where they felt like they connected well with the client. They are in total disbelief that the borrower didn’t call them when the time to make a move of any kind was needed.

My question is – why? If this has ever happened to you, why were you surprised? Be honest with yourself; what did you do to maintain a relationship of any kind with this past client? Why did you expect them to remember you or to think to call you?

These are all questions you need to answer! If you are failing at this, you need to correct this now because when you don’t maintain meaningful contact with past clients you are leaving the door wide open for people who are focused on building long term relationships to sneak in and take them from you. 

Make the commitment that Today, this changes!

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For over 20 years we have trained over 100,000 people to change their lives by entering the mortgage business as a licensed Mortgage Loan Originator.  What sets us apart from other training companies is our constant desire to find unique ways to help our clients generate business and grow professionally. 

About Author:
 Aaron Wilson

Aaron Wilson is the CEO of My Mortgage Trainer who has dedicated his life to helping others.  A U S Army Veteran who proudly serves as an accomplished trainer, speaker, consultant and developer of others. 
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