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Michelle Anderson
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Earn Recurring Revenue Share!
Add our affiliate link from your site to ours and we will revenue share back to you on any product sold upon your referral.  Are You NMLS Approved?  Want To Train A Live Course For Your Clients?  Ask Us About Getting Certified To Teach Our Approved Course Material or Licensing Our Catalog!

We make it easy and will even build a custom Affiliate Page with all of your Branding !
Get Paid For Referral Marketing of Our Nationwide NMLS Approved Courses
No licensing fees, no submission fees, no time and expense in writing courses!
We do all the work, you make the profits just for referral marketing of our products that easily compliment your existing business!
Future earnings protected as well - its YOUR Client First, we get it!
Diversify Your Product Mix
We offer more than just NMLS Approved Courses.  Take advantage of our business building strategy courses and more!  Your affiliate link ID is good for all of our products!  This means, if a client clicks through your link looking at one product but moves through our site and purchases a separate product YOU STILL GET PAID!!!!! 
What Makes us Differen't?
By adding CHEDDAR STACKS as a value added piece to your existing product line, you can provide your students with a unique way to generate more personal income and set yourselves up with residual income.  Best of all...It's FREE for Your Clients!
Cheddar Stacks is a Virtual Mobile Based Business Networking App and sales support program that helps your clients generate more business, regardless of the profession. 
Become a CHEDDAR STACKS Ambassador and generate massive residual income from a FREE product that will make doing business with you a simple choice!
Adding all of the additional products offered by My Mortgage Trainer helps to generate more income.  They make the process easy and do all of the technical work for FREE.  They even offer a service where they help build individual sales funnels for my products for a VERY reasonable fee.  I always knew I needed to have sales funnels to drive more business and they have the expertise to create them for me!
Great Partner With A Great Reputation
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